Charles Ray Eames Style DAW Chair Fabric Grey



Product Details

Eames Style DAW Chair with Special Fabric Grey  Upholstery 

Charles Eames, and his wife Ray, have both individually, and together, designed some of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the 20th Century. The name Eames, stand out above all others in this field, and reeks of superior design, timeless class and first class quality. 

You purchase an Eames designed product, you fall in love with it. Simple.


 The seat top is made from rigid dyed through polypropylene
 The upholstery is made from hand stitched weave wool
 The dowel base is made from lacquered high grade steel and beech wood

Dimensions (height, width, depth)

Eames Style DAW Chair measures:

80 x 62.5 x 60 cm

Seat height is 46cm

Arm height 67cm



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