Rattan Bar Trolley

€199.00 €330.00


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This functional & versatile Rattan Bar Trolley will bring some extra space to any living room, kitchen, bar or a lounge area in a classy style.

Ideal to serve drinks, display plants, store your favourites or simply move around whenever some extra surface is in demand. 
The rattan design compliments other furniture with a coastal living style look and is a must have for every occasion including special events or casual chillouts with your friends. 
Made using sustainable materials, woven by most skilled crafters, the trolley serves as a solid yet natural looking, lightweight piece that is easy to manoeuvre & extremely pleasant to look at. Placed on four stylish looking wheels, with neat bindings and a unique oval shape this piece will soon become an irreplaceable item among your furniture. 

Care tips:
Clean using a soft, damp cloth and a mild, neutral soap only.

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