Togo Style Sofa Mustard Yellow Corduroy 1 Seater



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The Togo isn’t like other couches. Its low-to-the-ground design is defined by a distinct curvature and sunken profile. Indented lines and ruffled crevices cover the wonky, crumbled silhouette like a slightly deflated balloon. The funky misshapenness is all part of the line’s appeal, though

It works for slouchy Bohemian interiors or minimal, arty-rich ones: it’s equally at home with traditional pieces or equally modern ones.

Our reproduction style chair is a high quality replica and remains true to the original design. Available in a range of beautiful colours.


Highly Elastic Foam


 1 Seater Dimensions:

W-90cm, D-105cm, H-75cm

2 Seatee Dimensions

 W-140cm, D-105cm, H-75cm 

Corner Dimensions:

W-105cm, D-105cm, H-75cm 

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